Welcome to the world of Lidulai, a world where the arcane, akin to the unknown, is feared.

During the Age of Arcanus, the elves that had ventured from the Feywild lived in the continent Valys with little distinction between them. Back then, there was little distinction between the elves. A small faction pursued dangerous powers innate to them, forcing their kin to band together to expel these defectors. A great war ensued, involving most of the races. There was the side of the Arcana, those born with the craft or sought it. Then there were those that feared it. After years of warring, fear won over the continent and the elves that pursued their magical lineage were exiled underground. They became the Drow, the Dark Elves, and those that remained on the surface became known as the High Elves. Arcanum was banned, the few that remained with the art scattered or killed.

As time passed, only the long lived races remember the war in the Age of Divinus. The others simply remembered a fear of this vague, unknown power, and a fear of those that are the root of it.